Iot Hacking


IoT (Internet of Things) and embedded devices present a new challenge to ethical hackers hoping to understand the security vulnerabilities these devices contain. To hack IoT interfaces as well as the integrated applications, a person requires knowledge of Python, Swift and PHP, among others. Knowledge of these programming languages, combined with the use of some IoT hacking tools, will provide you with the ability to hack several types of IoT devices.

What will you learn
  • Become A IOT Device Hacker or Penetration Tester

  • 8 Gb Ram Internet Connection


  • 31 Lessons
  • 02:32:35 Hours
  • The Course Overview00:01:52
  • Architecture of IoT00:02:32
  • IoT Pentesting Overview00:02:05
  • How to Get the Most out of This Course00:01:22
  • Download and Install VMware Workstation00:04:39
  • Download Windows and Kali Linux00:06:43
  • Installation of Kali Linux and Windows in VMware00:04:38
  • Set Up a Logitech Camera in the Network00:01:16
  • System Pentesting Using Kali Linux00:11:06
  • Take Access of the Camera00:04:08
  • Take Pictures and Record Videos00:06:35
  • Set Up VyOS Brand Gateway in the Network00:04:59
  • Set Up Login Credentials of VyOS00:05:59
  • Pentest Services in the Router00:03:09
  • Take Access of Gateway Completely00:08:13
  • Set Up a Google IoT Device00:05:16
  • Hack Wireless Using Kali Linux00:07:17
  • Get Access to the Network00:08:03
  • Hack Other IoT Devices in the Network00:01:43
  • Amazon Echo Pentesting00:03:59
  • TP Link Smart Switch Pentesting00:02:53
  • Comodo Firewall Pentesting00:04:07
  • Private Eye Firewall Pentesting00:02:16
  • Download and Installation of Android Studio00:06:37
  • Set Up Google Nexus Android Phone00:04:59
  • Installation of Android APK File00:05:58
  • Hack Android Phone and Get Login Credentials00:11:58
  • IoT Pentesting Report Overview00:03:20
  • Report Generation Using the MagicTree Tool00:06:30
  • Report Generation Using the Metagoofil Tool00:05:29
  • Summary of IoT Pentesting Report00:02:54

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