Car Hacking


-----------    Learn to HACK AUTOMOBILES with Practical & Hands-on Lessons    ----------------

This is the most Comprehensive CAR HACKING Course to begin your PENETRATION TESTING Career & Research in Automobile Hacking.

AUTOMOBILE SECURITY / CAR PENETRATION TESTING is a very less visited Path and has a huge Opportunity for Enthusiastic Hackers in the upcoming Days where Automobile Security is becoming a PRIME Concern among Automobile/Car Manufacturers like TESLA, NISSAN, TOYOTA,etc with Increasing Features offered in the Cars and the onset of Smart Cars and Connected Systems.

This course will take you from the Basics of Automobile Architecture to the Advanced level of hunting for vulnerabilities in the CARS and identifying Potential Attack Surfaces to approach. No other course may provide with such a structured lesson and there are numerous Practical lesson with Hands On Hacking real and Live Automobile Environment.

You will learn how to identify the Attack Surfaces, the common targets which are easy entry points for Attackers and how to exploit the Vulnerabilities. Not Only that, you will also go through the Advanced Journey of Reverse Engineering the CAR Protocols and a solid foundational Understanding of the data flowing through the Network inside the CAR and how to Manipulate the Car's normal Functioning and Takeover control of the CAR.

What will you learn
  • Become A Car Hacker After This Course

  • 4 Gb Ram Fast Internet Connection


  • 35 Lessons
  • 02:30:09 Hours
  • Introduction00:00:41
  • Pre Requisites00:02:00
  • Attack Surfaces to Approach to successfully HACK A CAR00:06:59
  • Attack Scenario00:01:49
  • PATS00:03:54
  • TPMS00:02:27
  • RKE 00:04:14
  • KEY FOB HACKING00:05:37
  • BLE00:02:21
  • TELEMATICS00:02:59
  • FILE SYSTEM00:02:30
  • Vehicle Infotainment00:02:28
  • IVI00:00:47
  • CAR NETWORK00:03:01
  • CAN Bus00:03:09
  • Local Interconnect Network Protocol00:01:56
  • CAN Frame00:05:07
  • MOST Protocol00:03:23
  • FLEX RAY Bus & ETHERNET00:02:34
  • Socket CAN00:04:53
  • Virtual CAN Interface00:03:28
  • Simulator00:08:59
  • CAN Packet Analysis with WIRESHARK 00:03:06
  • Fuzzing CAN Packets with CANSNIFFER 00:05:44
  • Logging CAN Traffic using CANDUMP00:02:17
  • Sending Custom CAN FRAME with CANSEND00:00:59
  • Fuzzing CAN Packets in Real CAR00:13:41
  • Fuzzing with WIRESHARK in REAL CAR00:01:33
  • Replay Attack in REAL CAR00:10:01
  • Sending Custom CAN FRAME in REAL CAR 00:10:17
  • Searching Metasploit Modules for hacking cars00:06:45
  • Possible Mitigation Practices00:02:53
  • Conclusion00:03:30

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